The Great Private Investigator

What’s the difference between a good private investigator and a great private investigator? Great private investigators have extensive experience handling a myriad of different cases. They have a background in intelligence collection, law enforcement, law, rules of evidence, security management, and surveillance, as well as the knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct accurate, ethical, methodical, and objective investigations under any circumstances. It’s not enough simply to be a retired police officer or military intelligence officer. A great private investigator must know the laws that govern private investigation and the various legal distinctions and differences that give the investigator power. A great private investigator knows the law, understands the courts and criminal justice system, and is skilled at critical thinking in the moment. The great PI has the ability to analyze large amounts of information and articulate his or her findings both orally and in clear, concise written reports–thus the great PI is a skilled writer and reads daily. Training is never over for the great PI, as every day presents new opportunities for discovery and skill development. Great private investigators understand the complexities of the position, take pride in their work, and are proud to have the letters “PI” affixed to their names. Great PI’s enjoy demonstrating their knowledge, their ethics, and their rigorous attention to detail in each and every job, no matter its size or subject. They understand both the extent and the limits of the role they play and are sensitive to the importance of confidentiality to clients. Great PI’s understand that their job is unique, and they love helping their clients by using their special skills, knowledge, and experience. Great PIs function as intelligence collectors and truth seekers, who provide information for others when they need it most—and great PI’s know that doing so is an exceptional honor.