Basic Private Detective Academy

Spaulding Security & Investigations, LLC requires that all newly hired employees complete and pass a basic training academy with a score of 100%. Phase I of each training academy comprises a classroom portion that incorporates the instructor’s lecture with PowerPoint presentations, training videos, scenario based simulations, and a final exam. Phase II of each academy comprises basic field training and specific job site OJT. Each complete academy prepares employees for the often challenging situations they will face while on the job. 

Topics covered in Phase I include …

  • Federal laws
  • Maryland laws
  • SSI policy & SOP’s
  • Basics of investigation
  • Surveillance (fixed/mobile)
  • Undercover operations
  • Confidentiality
  • Courtroom testimony
  • 5W/H questions
  • Arrest powers
  • GPS tracking
  • Public vs. private sector (analysis)
  • Field notes
  • Pretexts
  • Basic photography
  • Report writing

In addition to the training academy, every employee must complete a New Hire Orientation. This program has an emphasis on company policies, procedures, and SOP’s. Monthly training is required thereafter, ensuring that all employees are positioned for success.